13. Reference

Below is a selection of fastener sizes and general torque settings that may be useful.

Bolt Sizes:

(This is the best that I could do in getting the original spread sheet to fit on the blog page. It will be added to as I continue with the refurb).

Location Bolt Type Bolt Size Quantity Bolt Length Washer Nut
Rear Hand Brake Set Screw M6 1 20mm Spring
Middle Hand Brake Set Screw M8 1 40mm Spring
Hand Brake Switch Nut M12 1 Plain
Battery Box Set Screw M8 2 20mm Spring (x2), Plain Large (x2)
Bonnet Hinge Allen Head M6 2 25mm Plain (x2)
Lower Petrol Tank Set Screw M8 2 20mm Plain (x2), Plain Large (x2) Nyloc
Washer Resevoir Bracket Set Screw M6 2 20mm Plain (x4) Nyloc
Fuel Filter Bracket (to Body) Set Screw M8 1 16mm
Fuel Filter Bracket (to Filter) Bolt M8 1 45mm Plain (x2) Nyloc
Fuel Pump To Chassis Nuts M5 2 Plain (x4) Nyloc
Rear Brake Caliper Bolts Allen Head M10 4 30mm Spring (x4)
3 Way Brake Union M6 1 Spring Nyloc
Radiator Bobbins (Engine Side) M8 2 Spring (x2), Plain Large (x2) Plain (x2)
Carbon Canister in Wheel Arch M5 1 Penny Nyloc
Front Hub Pinch Bolt Set Screw M12 2 70mm Nyloc (x2)
100 amp Nuts M5 2 Plain Plain (x2)
Bonnet Adjuster Rubbers Allen Head M6 2 25mm
Expansion Tank Set Screw M8 1 20mm Plain
Set Screw M6 1 25mm Spring, Plain
Steering UJ’s Bolt M8 2 40mm Nyloc (x2)
Air Filter Bolt Set Screw M8 1 25mm Spring, Plain, Penny
Diff And ARB Mounts
Inner Drive Shaft to Diff Allen Head M10 12 60mm Spring (x12)
Outer Drive Shaft to Hub Allen Head M10 12 60mm Spring (x12)
Front ARB Clamps Set Screw M10 4 30mm Spring (x4), Plain (x4)
O/S ARB Mount (Front) Set Screw M8 1 30mm Plain (x6) Nyloc (x2), Plain
(Rear) Set Screw M8 1 20mm
N/S ARB Mount (Front) Set Screw M8 1 30mm Plain (x6) Nyloc (x2), Plain
(Rear) Set Screw M8 1 20mm
O/S Diff Mount Bolt 7/16″ (20tpi) UNF 1 3.5″ Plain (x2) Nyloc
N/S Diff Mount Bolt 7/16″ (20tpi) UNF 1 3.5″ Plain (x2) Nyloc
Rear Diff Mount Bolt 7/16″ (20tpi) UNF 1 3.5″ Plain (x2) Nyloc
Rear Diff Plate to Diff Allen Head M10 2 40mm Spring (x2)
Allen Head M10 2 30mm Spring (x2)
Front Diff Mounts to Diff Allen Head M12 4 30mm Spring (x4) Plain (x4)
Prop Shaft to Diff Set Screw 3/8″ (24tpi) UNF 4 1 1/4″ Nyloc (x4)
Interior Fixings/Seat Belts
Rear Seat Nuts M8 4 Plain (x4), Plain Large (x4) Nyloc
Front Seat Nuts M8 4 Plain (x4) Nyloc
Front Outside Seat Belt Set Screw 7/16″ (20tpi) UNF 2 1.5″
Front Inner Set Screw 7/16″ (20tpi) UNF 2 1.5″ Plain (x2)
Rear Lower Belt Reel Bolt 7/16″ (20tpi) UNF 2 2″ Nyloc (x2)
Top Seat Belt Set Screw 7/16″ (20tpi) UNF 2 1.5″ Wave (x2), Plain (x2)
Earth Bolt Front O/S Block Set Screw M8 1 20mm Spring, Plain
Front/Engine cross Member Bolt M10 4 70mm Plain (x8) Nyloc (x4)
N/S Engine Mount to Chassis Bolt M10 2 80mm Plain (x4) Nyloc (x2)
O/S Engine Mount to Chassis Bolt M10 2 80mm Plain (x4) Nyloc (x2)
N/S Engine Mount Bracket Set Screw 7/16″ (14tpi) UNC 2 3/4″ Spring (x2), Plain (x2)
Set Screw 5/16″ (18tpi) 1 3/4″ Spring, Plain
O/S Engine Mount Bracket Set Screw 7/16″ (14tpi) UNC 2 1″ Spring (x2), Plain (x2)
Set Screw 5/16″ (18tpi) 1 3/4″ Spring, Plain
Mushroom Screw M5 2 25mm Plain (x2)
O/S Engine Mount M10 2 Plain (x2) Nyloc (x2)
N/S Engine Mount M10 2 Plain (x2) Nyloc (x2)
Brake Pipe Block Surround Set Screw M6 4 20mm Plain (x4)
Swirl Pot Set Screw M8 4 20mm Plain (x8) Nyloc (x4)
Middle G/Box Knob Connection Bolt M8 1 40mm Plain (x2) Nyloc
Rear G/Box Knob Connection Bolt M8 1 40mm Plain (x2) Nyloc
G/Box Mount Bracket Set Screw M10 2 30mm Plain (x4) Nyloc
G/Box Second Support Bolt M10 4 80mm Plain (x8) Nyloc
Rubber Gearbox Mount M8 4 Spring (x4), Penny (x4) Plain (x4)
Chassis Bolts
Front Set Screw M10 2 35mm Plain (x2)
Rear Set Screw M10 2 35mm Plain (x2), Spring (x2)
Allen Head M10 2 40mm Spring (x2)
Centre Consol Set Screw M10 2 50mm Plain (x2), Spring (x2), Penny (x2)
Longer Cabin Set Screw M10 10 35mm Plain (x20), Spring (x10)
Shorter Cabin Set Screw M10 4 30mm Plain (x8), Spring (x4)
Exhaust Clamp to Engine Block Set Screw 5/16″ (18tpi) UNC 1 1″ Plain, Spring
Rear Exhaust Clamp M6 2 Plain Nyloc x2
Exhaust to Tray Bolts Bolt M10 3 60mm Plain (x6) Nyloc (x3)
Exhaust Tray to Chassis Bolts Set Screw M10 6 25mm Spring (x6), Penny (x6)

N.B. The interior chassis bolts that came off my car were in 2 lengths as shown. This seems to be the classic case on initial assembly that the factory used whatever was available. You can choose whichever length you want as both fit with no problems in all the fastening locations.

Tools Needed:

The following is a selection of which bolts and nuts need what size sockets and spanners. Please don’t take this as gospel as it may have been the case that the sockets/spanners I used worked for that particular application (even they may not have been the actual correct size). If anything its a good starting point.

100amp Fuse Nuts 8mm Socket
3-Way Brake Nut 10mm Deep Socket
Allen Head Rear Chassis Bolts 6mm Allen Socket
Alternator Bolts 10mm Socket
Alternator Nuts 13mm Spanner
Battery Box Bolts 13mm Socket
Battery Terminals 14mm Spanner
Belt Tensioner Bracket Bolts 1/2 Imperial Socket
Belt Tensioner Nut 15mm Socket
Bonnet Hinge Allen Bolts 5mm Allen Socket
Brake Bleed Nipples 11mm Spanner
Brake Caliper Bolts 8mm Allen Socket
Brake Unions Female 14mm Spanner
Brake Unions Male 7/16 Imperial Spanner
Cable Ties Side Cutters
Carbon Canister Nut 10mm Socket
Centre Console Screws Phillips Screwdriver
Chassis Bolts 17mm Socket
Damper Bolts/Nuts 11/16 Imperial Socket
Diff Brackets to Chassis Bolts/Nuts 5/8 Imperial Socket/Spanner
Diff Mounting Chassis Bolts/Nuts 5/8 Imperial Socket/Spanner
Drive Shaft Allen Bolts 8mm Allen Socket
Engine Bay Cross Member Bolts/Nuts 17mm Socket/Spanner
Engine Bracket Mount Lower Bolts 5/8 Imperial Socket
Engine Bracket Mount Upper Bolt 1/2 Imperial Socket
Engine Rubbers to Chassis Bolts/Nuts 17mm Socket/Spanner
Engine Rubbers to Engine Mount Nuts 17mm Spanner
Exhaust Flange Bolt 5/16 Imperial Socket
Exhaust Plate to Chassis Bolts 17mm Socket
Exhaust Rubber Mount Bolts 17mm Socket
Exhaust Rubber Mount Nuts 17mm Spanner
Exhaust to Y-Piece Clamp 13mm Deep Socket
Expansion Tank Bolts 10mm & 13mm Sockets
Forward Hand Brake Bolt 13mm Spanner
Front ARB Bolts 17mm Socket
Front Diff Bracket Bolts/Nuts 10mm Allen Socket/19mm Spanner
Fuel Filter Bracket Bolt/Nut 13mm Socket/Spanner
Fuel Filter to Chassis Bolt 13mm Socket
Fuel Pump Nuts 8mm Deep Socket
Gear Box Mounting Rubber Nuts 13mm Spanner
Gear Box Remote Bolt/Nut 13mm Socket/Spanner
Gear Box Support Bracket Bolts/Nuts 17mm Socket/Spanner
Gear Box to Mount Nuts 17mm Spanner
Gear Stick Remote Bolt/Nut 13mm Socket/Spanner
Handbrake Grub Screws 2mm Allen Key
Jubilee Clips Flat Blade Screwdriver
Lower Drop Link Nuts 17mm Socket
Lower Fuel Tank Clip/Hook Bolts 13mm Spanner
Lower Fuel Tank Clip/Hook Nuts 13mm Socket
Manilfold Bolts 14mm Spanner
Outrigger Chassis Bolts 17mm Socket
PAS Banjo Bolt 24mm Socket
PAS Reservoir Bracket Adjustable Wrench
Plenum Allen Bolts 6mm Allen Socket
Prop Shaft Bolts/Nuts 9/16 Imperial Socket/Spanner
Radiator Bobbins 13mm Socket
Rear ARB Bracket Nuts 13mm Socket
Rear Diff Bracket Allen Bolts 8mm Allen Socket
Rear Exhaust Clamp Nuts 10mm Deep Socket
Rearward Hand Brake Bolt 10mm Spanner
Seat Belt Bolts 11/16 Imperial Socket
Seat Nuts 13mm Deep Socket
Steering Rack Bolts 13mm Socket
Stepper Motor Adjustable Wrench
Swirl Pot Bolts 13mm Socket
Swirl Pot Nuts 13mm Spanner
Throttle Potentionmeter Screws Flat Blade Screwdriver
Upper Drop Link Nuts 13mm Socket
Upper Fuel Tank Bracket Nuts 10mm Deep Socket
Upper Fuel Tank Clip/Hook Bolts 13mm Socket
Wash/Wipe Pump Bracket Bolts/Nuts 10mm Socket/Spanner
Water Pump P-Clip 10mm Socket
Wheel Arch Access Screws Phillips Screwdriver
Wishbone Bolts/Nuts 3/4 Imperial Socket/Spanner
Y-Piece to Manifold Clamp Nuts 11mm Deep Socket

Torque Settings:

This is a general list that has been floating around a while on the various TVR forums and I thought I’d collate it all together. If the original owner/creator wants me to remove it I will do so immediately.

Component Nm Lb.ft
Crankshaft pulley bolt 270 200
Camshaft gear bolt 50 37
Camshaft thrust plate bolts 25 18
Rocker cover bolts Note 1
Stage 1 4 3
Stage 2 8 6
Stage 3 – loosen and re-torque to: 8 6
Rocker shaft to cylinder head bolts 38 28
Cylinder head bolts Note 1 & 2
Stage 1 20 15
Stage 2 Then 90 degrees
Stage 3 Further 90 degrees
Lifting eye to cylinder head bolts 40 30
Connecting rod bolts:
Stage 1 20 15
Stage 2 Further 80 degrees
Main bearing cap bolts – Nos. 1 to 8 Note 1
Stage 1 – initial torque 13.5 10
Stage 2 – final torque 72 53
Rear main bearing cap bolts – Nos. 9 and 10 Note 1
Stage 1 – initial torque 13.5 10
Stage 2 – final torque 92 68
Main bearing cap side bolts – Nos. 11 to 20 Note 1
Stage 1 – initial torque 13.5 10
Stage 2 – final torque 45 33
Flywheel bolts 80 59
Drive plate assembly bolts 45 33
Drive plate hub aligner to crankshaft socket head cap screws 85 63
Oil sump drain plug 45 33
Oil sump nuts and bolts 23 17 Note 1
Oil pump cover plate screws 4 3 Note 3
Oil pump cover plate bolt 8 6 Note 3
Spark plugs . 20 15
Timing cover/coolant pump to cylinder block bolts 22 16
Oil pick-up pipe to oil pump bolts 8 6
Oil pick-up pipe nut 24 18
Knock sensors to cylinder block 16 12
Camshaft sensor to timing cover bolt 8 6
Crankshaft position sensor bolts 6 4
Oil cooler connections 15 11
Note 1: Tighten in sequence
Note 2: Lightly oil threads prior to assembly
Note 3: Coat threads with Loctite 222 prior to assembly
General Torque Settings Nm lb.ft
M5 4 3
M6 6 4
M8 18 13
M10 35 26
M12 65 48
M14 80 59
M16 130 96
1/4 UNC/UNF 9 7
5/16 UNC and UNF 25 18
3/8 UNC and UNF 40 30
7/16 UNC and UNF 75 55
1/ 2 UNC and UNF 90 66
5/8 UNC and UNF 135 100
Component ft lbs Nm
Caliper to front upright 43 50
Track rod end to upright 30 40
Bottom balljoint to upright 60 81
Top balljoint to upright 60 81
Upper balljoint adapter pinch bolt 59 80
Top front wishbone to balljoint HSG 35 47
Bottom wishbone to balljoint HSG Dec-15 16
Steering rack mountings Dec-15 16
Steering UJ clamp bolts Dec-15 16
Front & rear hub retaining nuts 229 310
Rear caliper to bearing carrier 40 54
Rear bearing carrier to upright 45 61
Differential front allen bolts 90 122-136
Differential bushes to chassis 48 65
Rear diff carrier to diff (cap Hd) 33 45
Top rear diff bush pinch bolt 45 61
All front wishbones to chassis 45 61
All rear wishbones to chassis 45 61-65
All rear wishbones to upright 45 61
All damper bolts 55 75
Roll bar mounting clamp to chassis 30 40
Drive shaft bolts to diff 32 38
Drive shaft bolts to axle shafts 32 38
Seat belt anchorage bolts 25 34
Wheel nuts 73 99
Brake master cyl to servo 15 20
Front crossmember 45 61
Gearbox crossmember 45 61


I’m not too sure if these will help or not, but with my limited graphical skills these are the best I could come up with. The following show roughly the routes that some of the pipes/hoses/systems take on their way through the chassis:

Brake/Clutch Pipes

IMG_0443 2Brakes in Red and Clutch in Blue all meeting at the connection block on the inner wing off side just in front of the rear bulkhead

Fuel Pipes

IMG_0443 4From the tank to the fuel rail in Red, running down the chassis backbone and over the bell housing to the rail. From the rail back to the tank in Blue.

Carbon Canister

IMG_0443 5Carbon Canister pipe, exiting in the very forward lower off side section of the engine bay, coming across the front of the car and then heading down the chassis backbone to the fuel tank

Cooling System

IMG_0443 6

  • Red – Main cooling pipes/hoses
  • Yellow – Water rail
  • Green – Outline of radiator
  • Grey – Expansion tank
  • Blue- Water pump
  • Black – Swirl pot
  • Purple – Engine block

The cooling system diagram isn’t the easiest to follow so I’ll explain a little more. Starting at the bottom left of frame, the pipe proceeds out of the bottom of the radiator. This pipe then splits, with one side branching off to the water pump and the other to the water rail attached to the off side rocker cover. At the other end of the water rail are the two hoses leading to and from the heater matrix inside the near side wing. The final water rail connection then goes to the top of the engine block. Centre of frame is the pipe coming out of the engine to the top of the swirl pot, before exiting out the bottom of the pot and back to the other side (off side) of the radiator. Finally there is also the pipe from the expansion tank to the swirl pot as well. Definitely recommend zooming in on the picture.

If I can think of anymore potential diagrams then these will be included as and when.

24 comments on “13. Reference

  1. Absolutely fantastic reference, I only stumbled upon this today but I am only a few hours in to my body-off project and it is already proving invaluable.
    Thanks for taking the time to write it.

  2. Superb!! Very well done and presented.
    Now if you feel the need to do another I could volunteer mine 🙂
    Many thanks for your efforts.
    Cheers ….

  3. Hi
    Great write up, and i found it just in time as I’m about to start putting my Chimaera back together after nearly 3 years in bits, the minds gone a bit foggy on the details.
    Can you confirm on your bolt list you have a lot marked as set screws, are these hex head bolts?

    • Hi, many thanks for the kind words and good luck with the rebuild !
      Yes they are hex head. The only reason I used Set Screw is it determines the difference between a Bolt and a Set Screw. Best way to describe it is below which I managed to find on the net and will sum it up way better than I ever could:

      The Bolt is characterised as with out a full thread (i.e the thread does not reach the head), this part is known as the Shank. Bolts are generally not available in the shortest lengths as there is no room for the shank, and typically you will receive a Set Screw in place of a Bolt. The Bolt allows for movement.
      The Set Screw: The Set Screw is characterised as with a full thread (i.e the thread reaches the head). Used to prevent relative motion (no movement).

      Hope that helps.

  4. That’s Brilliant thank you and for the incredibly fast reply.
    I don’t suppose you have a list of wishbone bolt sizes? I couldn’t seem to find them on your Blog.

    • No problem at all. That’s something I haven’t got round to adding to the list actually, must update this ASAP. In the meantime the following should help:

      Front top wishbone 3″- 7/16″x4
      Front lower wishbone 3″-7/16″x2
      Front lower wishbone 5″-7/16″ x2
      Top ball joint to wishbone 3″-7/16″x4
      Front shocker 3″-1/2×4
      Rear lower wishbone 3″-7/16×2
      Rear lower wishbone 5″-7/16×2
      Rear top wishbone 3″-7/16×2
      Rear top wishbone 41/2″-1/2×2
      Rear bottom shocker 31/2-1/2×2
      Rear upright 3″-7/16×6

      Diff mount bolts

      So that’s a total of,

      All bolts are UNF.


      • Top Man thank you, thats saved me hours of measuring, now should be able to get everything i need to get all 4 corners back on

  5. Be careful when you are ordering the drive shaft hub bolts as there is 2 different lengths depending on the year and mine were M10 metric fine not standard M10 and you could end up forcing them in without realising the difference, take one out and check it.

  6. Just today discovered holes in the corners of my front outriggers whilst preparing for my MOT – I think it will probably fail or at best I my get an advisory – I’m going to have to bite the bullet and sort the chassis out, I knew it was just a matter of time…. then I stumbled on your blog and have read it through and now instead of fear and trepidation I’m actually looking forward to getting stuck in!! You have done a great job and a big service to guys like me – a big thank you and I haven’t even started yet!

    • Many thanks for the kind words. Its never nice finding that annoying rust and what its done. At least when you’re done you’ll know its all perfect under there. Best of luck !

      • Hi Again
        I now have the body off!! Your guide was brilliant and made the job very straightforward and gave me the confidence to do it.
        I am lucky enough to have a large single garage with a gable roof and was able to fasten a scaffold pole across the horizontal beams of the A section rafters. I bought two chain block hoists from Ebay (only £25 each) which made lifting the body a doddle. It will also making re-fitting the body much easier as I can drop it inch by inch till the bolts line up at front and back. Once lifted, I rolled the chassis out of the way and wheeled in a small flat trailer that I also bought from Ebay (£80) and lowered the body onto that. Then I wheeled the body out of the garage and stored under covers – luckily I have a big garden. When the job is finished, I should be able to sell the chain blocks and trailer if necessary to recoup some of my costs – or set up in business to help others do a similar restoration!! I found the bolts that went through the body floor to the chassis were almost impossible to undo but an angle grinder soon cut through the nuts underneath.
        Also, instead of struggling to disconnect the rubber hose from the carbon canister (section 6 of your guide), I cut the hose where it runs under the radiator (which was already removed) and will re-join it with a hose joiner and clips.
        Thanks again for this guide.

  7. Hi
    I had wanted to try a body off rebuild but was not confident to do it. Some recent discoveries of chassis, suspension and cooling faults, together with general scruffiness, wear and tear forced me on to google for some advice. I have just discovered your site and now I’m going to bite the bullet. This is just what I needed to find to give me the confidence to get started – and save myself a lot on money in garage bills. Thanks you.

  8. An excellent resource – and the bolt list is a superb addition – I was just thinking about creating this very spreadsheet. Any chance of sharing your Excel version?

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